BARCELONA will go on STRIKE in protest at the Catalan independence referen-dum.

The club will close on Tuesday and the players will not be expected to turn in for training.

The club said in a statement yesterday: “FC Barcelona joins the country wide strike called for by Table for Democracy and therefore the club will be closed tomorrow(today).

“None of the professional teams or the youth teams at FC Barcelona will train tomorrow(today).” At least 92 were seriously injured and 844 needed medical attention as police fired rubber bullets and forced their way into polling stations in violent clashes, according to Catalan authorities.

The unions calling for the strike said: “We strongly condemn the violence carried out by the state’s security forces to impede the October 1 referendum.” The result of the referendum, deemed ‘illegal’ by the Spanish government, revealed that 90 per cent had voted for independence from Spain.

In light of the incidents, Barca played their match against Las Palmas behind closed doors on Sunday.

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