Adediran Raymond

It is no news that the Federal Government has become a fat kid on the block simply because it isn’t working out. The Federal Government has no reason to grunt over the weight of her expenditure when she decided to overfeed its legislators who in turn became lazy, ineffective and downright greedy. How can Nigeria, a nation that is still regarded as a poor nation pay its legislators salaries that is double the salary of legislators in richer countries such as the USA and complain

The government is knowingly impoverishing its victim yet has the effrontery to cry like a teething child over the state of the economy. A nation that has not carefully analysed the cost of governance and its implications on the ordinary citizen is not working in the interest of its citizens but the institution itself and can be termed corrupt.

It has been over three years since information about the mind bugling pay surfaced on the internet and caused public outcry yet, the Federal Government still hasn’t considered cutting down the salaries of legislators and governors. What is most shocking is the fact that the Federal Government still hasn’t addressed the issue surrounding the pensions of former governors who are now serving as senators. The truth is that the Federal Government is aware of this outright scam on our collective wealth but is less concerned simply because it doesn’t want to clash with the legislative on a delicate subject such as “money.”

Since assuming public office is no longer a call to serve the nation but a regular job the issue of renumeration has become a very delicate subject as the almighty Federal Government  has to walk on egg shells around it.

It has been analysed that if the ridiculously high salaries and allowances of the Senators and Representatives is slashed by 50% they would still be able to maintain their status quo while the Federal Government would save 45 billion naira which can be channeled into

The Federal Government’s usual desperation to raise funds sees it making attempts to raise money from different sources and sometimes the government considers raising such funds from (you guessed right) the suffering minimum wage earning citizens.

A government that refuses to reduce the outrageous salaries of its legislators has no moral justification to deny the common man of a well deserved minimum wage. If the Buhari administration doesn’t see the overfeeding of its lawmakers as a problem then it wouldn’t see the extended suffering of the average Nigerian as an outrageous phenomenon thus making his “anti-corruption crusade” a laughable idea. If Buhari cannot address the issue of outrageous salaries of lawmakers then he owes it to Nigerians to accent to the increment of the nation’s minimum wage because it would be unfair and unjust for a few Nigerians to live in stupendous wealth while subjecting others to abject penury. It is unfair, unjust and inhumane.


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