Digital satellite and PayTv operator, Telecoms Satellite Television (TSTv), yesterday, said it has commenced the distribution and installation of the 5,000 promo decoders across the country, pursuant to its full launch.

The company, in a statement in Abuja, however, stated that accreditation of its dealers was still ongoing and that commercial sale and rollout of the decoders would not commence until the accreditation process is concluded.

The company assured Nigerians that it remained committed to its promises to offer premium quality and affordable Direct-To-Home, DTH, services across the country seamlessly.

The Village Parrot regards the actions of TSTV as a high level of unpreparedness which does not build confidence in the average Nigerian consumer. Joshua Ibe who spoke to one of our reporters said; “TSTV promised a whole lot but they are not close to being ready and they way they promise and fail will not build confidence in us. I have already lost interest.”

The Village Parrot can confidently report that TSTV succeeded in creating so much media frenzy by bringing bloggers from different areas of interest and used them to propagate their promise of a Pay TV experience better than the existing ones. TSTV claimed its officially launch and broadcast commenced on Nigeria’s Independence Celebration on October 1st 2017, they did not train or accredit their distributors before then. To further prove their folly they postponed their actual roll-out date by a month and despite that they found a way to come up with excuses that consumers who had been yearning to purchase their devices would not be able to lay their hands on one.

In order to save face and in a desperate attempt to salvage what is left of their dwindling integrity, they decided to announce that they will be giving out 5,000 pieces of their devices. Reports reaching this medium from trusted insiders at TSTV is that the Digital PayTV company does not even have up to a thousand of their decoders and dish and it is strictly for their netvangelists a.k.a “bloggers”.

The Village Parrot believes that TSTV’s offering could be a game-changer only if they are able to deliver on the promises but with the way they are failing and reneging on their promises it might be difficult for Nigerians to take them seriously and even if they do, it would be with a measure of skeptism. The fear that they might fold as “grandly” as they commenced is still strong on our minds.

TSTV has not declared a new date for their official roll-out which means you might not be seeing one any time soon. It is unclear if they will make any more announcement containing specific dates for their roll-out. We guess we will just have to keep our fingers crossed and continue with whatever works for now.

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