Leagoo a notable Chinese phones manufacturer who measured a considerable amount of success after launching the affordable yet featureful smartphones KIICA Mix and M5 phones. Leagoo has launched yet another phone to rule them all and that is the Leagoo S9.

The S9 would be featuring a 5.85 inch iPhone X notch like screen.  It would also feature a MediaTek 6750 Octa Core 1.5Ghz, with a DDR3 4GB RAM. The device is 4G LTE capable and it features a dual camera set which is a 13 MP + 2MP rear camera and an 8MP front facing camera. It’s going to be powered by 3,300 miliamps battery and would run android 8.1.

These specifications are amazing and they are to be expected from a device of this type. Lest we forget, it would be featuring a rear facing fingerprint sensor and if that is not your style, the device would feature face recognition to unlock your device. It will be coming in three variant, lacquer black, Gold and Blue. What more could you ask for in a phone that is expected to cost below $250?

The only takeaway is the screen’s resolution 1512x720px and a ratio of 18:9 . Except you are coming from an ultrahigh definition screen, it is barely noticeable.  All in all, this is a rare gem of a device since the nearest competition is priced twice the cost of a Leagoo S9. If you are hoping for the iPhone X notch in a very affordable price, go for the Leagoo S9, its a no brainer. Is it an iPhone X clone? We think so. But do you mind? Leave a comment.

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