The Village Parrot is a news portal that compiles and delivers news articles that offers truthful insights into the daily affairs of Nigeria and the world at large. The news portal is based on sound reportage and truthful expose of information that would otherwise be hidden from the public eyes. We hope to offer news article that would actually inform and interest the reader instead of filling the gaps of our homepage with irrelevant stories. So, we are able to safely boast that any article you find here is crucial, true and also relevant to your daily existence as a Nigerian. The Village Parrot was previously which started publishing in 2010. The re-branding of the Village Parrot promises to reach readers who were previously unable to properly benefit from the information which inspired.

The logo depicts the image of a parrot, the only bird in the wild with the ability to vocalise like humans. To the parrot no topic is off limits as it tells all, this is also the mantra of The Village Parrot as clearly stated in the subtitle below the boldly written title “We know the truth and we will tell it”.